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The wonderful, high quality photographs inside this book will take you on a spectacular journey through some of the most beautiful spots on our planet! You will discover some of the best pristine places, fascinating wild animals and magnificent beaches of Bird Island, La Digue, Aride, Praslin and Mahe.

The photographs were taken by Gregor Kervina, a nature loving professional photographer from Slovenia, an expert in his field. His work has been featured by NASA and selected among the Top Ten Space Pictures of 2007 by National Geographic.

The foreword is by Dr. Jeanne A. Mortimer, who is one of the leading scientific authorities on environmental conservation in the Seychelles.

“Find-It” Maps and text under each photo will enable you to locate and experience each place for yourself.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!



With your purchase, 10% of the profits will be donated to nature conservation projects in Seychelles. Thank you!






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Find-It Maps

Find-It Maps and text under each photo will enable you to find and experience each place by yourself!


When I first arrived in Seychelles I was very pleased to see that the country has retained many well preserved places that are still biologically rich and relatively pristine. I later learned that this is so, thanks to committed government and many people and organizations that are aware that these are some of Seychelles greatest treasures, and that preserving them for future generations is of vital importance for the future development of the Republic of Seychelles. But at the same time development also poses a great risk for these fragile ecosystems if not executed in sustainable manner. Fortunately there are many new initiatives like the recently launched Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label (SSTL) that will encourage and guide hotels and other tourism establishments to integrate even more sustainable practices and thus safeguard the biodiversity and culture of Seychelles.

With this book I would like to share some of the wonders I encountered in this magnificent tropical location with the rest of the people on our amazing blue planet by using high quality photography. And at the same time it is my wish, that these photos will also inspire, at least a slight change in consciousness and awareness of humanity, toward a far more responsible relationship to the environment and illustrate why we should preserve such unspoiled places across the globe, and not destroy them in few generations in the name of profit. My personal contribution to environmental sustainability is that this book is made out of PEFC certified, fully recyclable, biodegradable, chlorine free paper and that 10% of the profit from books and posters will be donated for nature conservation projects in Seychelles.



I hope you will enjoy the photographs inside this book. They were taken with some of the most advanced photographic equipment existing at the time. Each photo was carefully processed digitally and the whole book was printed in very high resolution, so that you can examine almost every photo in tiny detail. Because photography has an artistic component, some of the scenes in the photos may not look exactly as they would when viewed through your own eyes. This is mainly either due to the photographic techniques used to capture the image, or because in some low light situations our eyes aren’t as capable of perceiving colours as is the photographic camera. That’s why some of the subjects may appear more colourful in the photos than we might expect them to be in reality. But in my opinion this is offset by the fact that today’s printing technology has a relatively limited colour gamut and so is unable to reproduce many of the vivid colours that our eyes can see; and even the dynamic range of today’s cameras is still relatively limited compared to our human vision. Another limitation of photography is that it only stimulates our sense of sight. A photograph cannot transmit all the sensory data related to smells, sounds, textures, or a wide field of view that we would associate with the real experience. So, as you look at these photographs, I challenge you to compensate by using your imagination to put yourself into the photograph and try to invoke the sensory stimulation that a photograph lacks. Or better yet, I hope that my collection of photographs convinces you to travel to Seychelles and experience the country yourself. You will certainly find it even more beautiful in reality!

Technical Specifications

Page count: 96

Book dimensions: 26.7cm (10.5in) wide, 20.7cm (8.1in) high

First edition, October 2012

ISBN: 978-961-276-565-1

The book was self-published by Gregor Kervina, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2012

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